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Can’t wait for coupe in my life

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Simplify your commute.

make it rain

"simplify your commute"

With the first gif, all I can hear is ‘Move, bitch, get out the way, get out the way, bitch, get out the way!’

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Buffalo ‘66 (1998)


Buffalo ‘66 (1998)

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Django Fett spotted at WonderCon


Django Fett spotted at WonderCon

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Give me all the bacon and eggs you have


Give me all the bacon and eggs you have

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Anonymous asked: At what level of operatory is one permitted to wear blue jeans into combat?


Jeans are fine for militia work(olive drab or coyote cargo pants are better in my opinion though.)

PMCs sometimes wear them as well(Black Water pictured)

They are also fine if you happen to be Mike Vining

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Operator // Abroad Only

Ti Knife: Titanium blade and handle - passes metal detectors on low levels

Carbon Fiber Impact Dagger w/ Synthetic Saphire Tip

Proprietary Long Range Earpiece Receiver and Transmitter

Minimal Wallet

Life Capsule: xxxxxx

Proprietary Tracker Dot

Knife for Weakside:…

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